The Best investment apps in December 2022

8 best investment apps in December 2021

Looking for the best investing apps to get your financial life back on track? A solid finance app can handle routine financial tasks, shuffle money into investing accounts, and track spending.

But the best investment apps can also let you quickly trade stocks, follow your account in real time and help you learn about the markets and more. Because they can do so much, investment apps have become increasingly popular.

Here are some of the top apps for getting your finances organized and invested. All of these apps are great for beginners, and they make it easy for those just starting to invest or looking to play a stock-picking game for fun.

Invstr — Best investment app for learning about investing
Wealthbase — Best investment app for beginners
Wealthfront — Best investment app for sophisticated portfolio management
Acorns — Best investment app for savers
Betterment — Best investment app for socially responsible investing
Robinhood — Best investment app for smooth trading
Webull — Best investment app for low-cost trading
Stockpile — Best investment app for gifting stock

How much money should I plan to invest?

The good news for investors starting out today is that it requires very little money to get started, as low as $50–100. Fees are so low or even non-existent that you can start with virtually any amount of money. In fact, what you start with matters much less than your saving and investing discipline over time.

The key to achieving ongoing investing success is to add money regularly over time. So you’ll want to add cash to the account and keep investing in your positions regularly over time in order to build wealth.

How much you actually invest depends on your own financial situation and needs. And today’s low-fee brokerages and apps leave more money in your pocket to actually invest.

Are some apps better for investing than others?

Some apps provide special features or focus more on education, while others focus largely on executing trades. For example, Wealthbase is a great app for playing stock market games, but it won’t execute trades for you. In contrast, Wealthfront and Betterment will both invest your money for you, so you don’t have to do much but deposit money in your account.

And those apps differ from brokerage apps such as Robinhood and Webull, where you need to know what you want to buy. These brokers also allow you to buy cryptocurrencies, which are not typically offered at major online brokerages.

So the investment apps can provide a variety of different features and benefits, and you’ll need to select which ones meet your needs.

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