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For to come to the smallest detail, none of us undertakes any exercise of the body which is laborious, except in order to derive some advantage from it.

But indeed we both accuse and with just hatred bring those who deserve it who are softened and corrupted by the flattery of present pleasures, blinded by lust for the pains and troubles they are about to experience, they do not provide for it. But who can rightfully criticize him who wants to be in that pleasure which results in no discomfort, or he who avoids that pain in which no pleasure is produced.

But at certain times, and either due to duties or the necessities of things, it will often happen that both pleasures are to be rejected and troubles are not to be refused. And so the choice of these things is held by a wise man, so that either by rejecting greater pleasures he may obtain others, or by enduring pains he may repulse more severe ones.

It is important to take care of the pain itself, and it will be followed by the growth of the patient, but at the same time it will happen that there is a lot of work and pain. For to come to the smallest detail, no one should practice any kind of work unless he derives some benefit from it. For no one despises or hates or runs away from pleasure because it is pleasure, but because great pains result to those who do not know how to follow pleasure with reason.

And indeed the distinction between these things is easy and expedient. For in free time, when we have the option of choosing and nothing prevents us from doing what pleases us the most, all pleasure must be assumed, all pain rejected.

There is no mating. Unless they are blinded by lust, they do not come out; they are in fault who abandon their duties and soften their hearts, that is toil. But in order that you may see whence all this born error of those who accuse pleasure and praise pain, I will open the whole matter, and explain the very things which were said by that discoverer of truth and, as it were, the architect of a happy life.

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